Kevin W. Crye


About Kevin

In 1998, Kevin had a vision to bring much needed training and knowledge to the everyday athlete who wanted more than what was offered within the school systems.

While playing as many as four sports throughout High School, Kevin often found himself out of shape even with an extensive athletic schedule. He played fall baseball at Butte College his freshman year, but his skill level was not enough to propel him to the college ranks. Having never properly conditioned or trained to be in optimal shape, he was at a huge disadvantage. It was at this time that he first stepped away from organized sports. Within a year, he found himself overweight and unfulfilled. In 1995 he began coaching youth sports. He very quickly realized that the demands he put on his athletes, were demands he could no longer put on himself. Realizing his poor example and testament to fitness, he embarked on a long and strenuous process to hire a trainer and pursue a healthier lifestyle while pursuing a dream of participating in college athletics. After training properly, he played his senior season of baseball while finishing his degree at Simpson University.


Filling the Void in Athlete Training

Realizing the absence of programs dedicated to assisting athletes in reaching their goals, he decided to fill the void, and thus Upper Hand Athletics was founded in 1999. At first, Upper Hand Athletics serviced only athletes and trainers. In time, Kevin realized that it was time to service more than just the individual athlete. His new focus reaches out to schools, youth organizations and individual coaches of various sports to ensure that their athletes are delivered the same care, compassion, and level of instruction that Upper Hand Athletics’ has been founded on.

Upper Hand Athletics

Since 1999, Kevin has serviced thousands of athletes in a multitude of sports. Through Kevin’s training programs and his ability and dedication to reach young athletes on how to train properly for sport and take care of their bodies, many athletes have achieved levels they never thought possible. For some, it is just making a team. For others, it has been a step to an collegiate athletic scholarship, making the US Olympic Team and playing professionally.


Education and Training

Kevin W. Crye is certified as a CFT II through the International Sports Science Assn. (ISSA). Kevin is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He is a two state (California and Oregon) credentialed physical education teacher. He received his A. A. Degree from Shasta College in the spring of 1997 and went on to graduate from Simpson University with his B.A. in Social Science in the spring of 1999. He received his single subject teaching credential in Physical Education from National University in 2009. He has been a head coach in seven various sports ranging from the Jr. High level through varsity, and spent a year in the collegiate ranks as an assistant basketball coach.

Kevin was an adjunct instructor for five years teaching Weight Lifting and Health and Fitness Courses for Simpson University. During that time he was the Strength and Conditioning coach as well for the NAIA University. To this day, he still works with the baseball program. He has taught speed technique at Shasta Junior College in Redding, CA. One of his most notable accomplishments was as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Independent Professional Baseball team the Chico Outlaws of the Golden Baseball League in the summers of 2005-07. They were the GBL champions in 2007. Kevin consults to youth sports, high schools, colleges of all levels and has had many athletes enter into the professional ranks in various sports post college.

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