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Competitive Nutrition Program – CNP

We offer multiple levels of our Competition Nutrition Program to accommodate all levels of athlete. From the basic app for tracking your intake to the Platinum Level, a complete competitive nutrition solution.


This program will allow an athlete to build their own custom meal templates using a baseline caloric and macro nutrient profile provided based off their detailed questionnaire. Use of the web platform is provided for 8 weeks.
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Every bit as comprehensive, our Gold program is an 8 week process that puts the responsibility on the athlete to record and track their own measurements and correspond via email about the various educational topics.

This program also includes an initial consultation and two subsequent follow ups through our web platform. Also provided to ensure the athlete’s success is 7 days of custom built meal plans along with use of our UHA Competitive Nutrition App and web based platform for 8 weeks.
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Our highest level of accountability and most comprehensive nutritional program is a 12 week system that includes weekly in person educational meetings for those that are local (tele-conference for others) for the first 6 weeks. For the remaining six weeks, bi –weekly meetings are held.

These meetings consist of charting and tracking all progress and educating the athlete on topics individual to their profile and goals (proper hydration, meal timing, etc). This program includes 21 days of custom built meal plans and unlimited use of our UHA Competitive Nutrition App and web based platform for six months.

This program is for the athlete that needs the most accountability to ensure their success.
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The foundation of these nutritional programs are grounded in performance and athleticism that the individual athletes sport demands. Visual and aesthetic improvement is often noticeable, however it is not the main goal.

Competitive Nutrition App On All of Your Devices


Upon the completion of our above mentioned programs CNP Apps use (excluding BRONZE), athletes can continue to log and track their goals for only $5.00 a month via EFT or $8.00 cash or check.

Our CNP App and web platform allows the athlete to:

  • Conveniently access their nutritional guidance from anywhere with Internet connectivity.
  • Rate, track, and adjust their plan and eating habits to better achieve personal goals.
  • Most importantly, achieve their ideal body composition goals of whether it be improving their eating habits, gaining lean muscle or losing fat.
  • Reduced price for a follow up consultation.

Nutrition Adjustment Consultations

As athletes move from sport to sport and advance both chronologically and biologically, adjustments need to be made.

  • For athletes that currently are using the CNP App (3 or more months), the cost is $20**
  • For athletes not using the App, the cost is $50**
  • **Consultations last approximately 50 minutes.

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